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1Home Student Hotel is where the real Student life happens and true friends finally meet each other. Long-stay student accommodation with all the comforts in the rooms that is situated just across of the Universities will make you feel like home and in the middle of the exciting student life at the same time!

Take care of your studies and we take care of your stay! We work hard every day to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. We want you to enjoy the time you spend at your home away from home by offering you special offers, having fun events and share helpful tips how to spend your college years with us.

Single/Double and Lux rooms have private bathrooms in every room, all the necessary furniture (bed, table, chair, wardrobe). Shared kitchens are on every floor. Lux rooms have private kitchen in the rooms. Free time room for movie nights and students events.



Single room

Double room

Lux room

Room size Price
per month
Room size Price
per month
Room size Price
per month
8m2 – 10m2 230€ 11m2 150€ 16m2 460€
11m2 – 12m2 250€ 12m2 – 13m2 160€ 19m2 480€
13m2 280€ 14m2 – 15m2 170€ 21m2 510€
16m2 – 17m2 180€ 30m2 540€


Prices include

Hi-Speed Wi-Fi
Electricity consumption
Heating costs
Water costs
Room cleaning once a week
Change of bedsheet every two weeks

Room features

Weekly room cleaning
Fresh bedsheets


1Home Student Hotel is located in the area of student town, just across the street of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI), Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA), The University of Economics and Culture (EKA) and Baltic International Academy (BSA). Also near to Institute of Aeronautics and Latvian Academy of Culture.

The Hotel is around 15 minutes walk from city center, close to the railway station and near the beautiful park.

For a great fill, there is famous restaurant “LIDO” with traditional Latvian cuisine only in 10 minute walk away from the Hotel. Near “LIDO”  during time from 10-00 to 21-00 “Mols”, “SKY” and “mc2” – well known shopping centers are open. Also a nice foodstore “RIMI” just in 5 minutes walk.

Student Hotel address

Address: Lauvas iela 2
City: Riga
Area: Center Town
Country: Latvia

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1Home services:

bathroom inevery room sharedkitchen Laundryroom cleaning free wi-fi cafe Sauna/pool freetimeroom Parking
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Lauvas iela 2, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1003, Latvia
room id:6413

FAQ about 1Home Student Hotel in Riga

How do I book a room?

You can either a) write an email to our Community Manager Evita at evita@1home.eu, who will help you with everything. Or b) you can always call us at +371 22 324 579 and get the booking information via phone. And last but not least, c) you can always come to our Student Hotel any time and choose from the available rooms on place!

Can I take a look to the rooms before I book?

Yes, you can come to our Student Hotel at any time. There is always somebody to show you the rooms. For the best result, please call us before at +371 22 324 579.

What is included in the room price? Do I have to pay something extra?

The price is fixed and you don’t have to pay anything extra! The price already includes everything from utilities (electricity, heating, WiFi & water) to our services (weekly cleaning, change of bedsheets).

Do I need to pay the deposit?

Yes, every tenant has to pay the deposit before moving in. Deposit equals to 1-month rent. The deposit is returned to the tenant after the stay as long as everything is ok with the room and there are no missing payments.

Can I share the same room with my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Yes, sure you can! We have many double and lux rooms available.

Do I have my own bathroom and kitchen?

Each room has a private bathroom. The kitchen is located on each floor and is shared with the others.

What is the minimum lease period?

The minimum lease period is 2 months.

How do I pay after booking the room?

You would have to pay for your booking via bank transfer based on the invoice we send to your e-mail.

How do I pay for the room?

Each month you will receive an invoice to your email. You pay for the current month, and the payment deadline is 10th day of each month.

Who do I contact if something is wrong in my room?

You need to inform the administration in the Student Hotel and they will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Can I have my own fridge in the room?

Yes, you can.

Do I get the bed sheets and pillow/blanket when I move in?

Yes, we will provide you with all that.