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Posted: 16.11.2016

How to cope with boredom on a gloomy day

How to cope with boredom on a gloomy day

If you’re bored and in need of suggestions on how to get the boredom away, you'll be glad to know there are plenty of fun choices as indoor activities! We all know how busy everybody is in today’s world to spend some quality personal time with himself/herself. Especially if you’re a student abroad! Tallinn offers great chances to spend time, have fun and get new experiences. Still, you might need some good advice about what to do during the famous Estonian winter and the gloomy days.

Sink into the wonderful world of blogs.

It could be either magazines or websites, we’re sure that you’ll be having good time with learning new things. Find a blog or vlog (video blog) that suits your interests. The internet, especially the social media, is the best way to fish out good articles and videos. You can read interesting facts or follow the hot trends about science, culture, travelling and the news. This is a good way to find new topics to talk about with friends or to add some new information at the discussion in classroom. My personal favorites are travelling blogs. They help me to add new things to my “Tallinn bucket list”.

Entertain yourself with games, books or movies.

You can play video games by yourself and try to break your last record or level up your character. Or, even better, invite your friends for a board game or card game. That would be great if you don’t enjoy spending time alone. Also, you can read a book or magazine with a mug of tea or coffee. This is very relaxing since the sound of rain is a great company. Reading is a nice way to go on an adventure in the comfort of your room. Another way of going on an adventure is watching movies. A gloomy day with bad weather is the perfect opportunity to start a movie marathon. We definitely suggest you to see Estonian-Georgian movie “Tangerines”. This movie was very successful, so it has nominated for Oscar Awards and Golden Globe Awards in 2014.

Roll up your sleeves.

Cooking, doing chores or cleaning are among the best ways to keep yourself busy during a gloomy day. Try cooking something new; for example, Estonian herring soup. The best part is that you’ll get a tasty result at the end. You can catch up your cleaning too. Chores are generally ignored while we’re busy with our papers, courses or activities. Do you remember the last time you promised yourself to clean your apartment? Than, this could be a good opportunity to quit living in a mess.

Take care of your body.

Have a healthy and relaxing day by doing yoga or meditation. Those will help you to focus and work better on next day. Moreover, you can do all kind of indoor exercises, as well. Have you ever realized that the Estonian youth has good shape? Because, most of them take care of their body and this is something traditional for them. So, they can tackle the cold weather better. You can work out by push-ups, crunches, squats, etc. Also, don’t forget to hit the sauna afterwards, if you have access to one. That is freaking awesome!

Call your friends or catch up with your family.

You have some time to spend on that rainy or snowy day. So, why not spending with your loved ones? Since you live and study away from the family and the friends, you would probably miss them very much. Pick up the line and give a call (or video call) to them. I think they would be glad and excited to hear from you. Those moments would recall you how much you miss them but they will encourage you to go to the end of the semester.

Get together.

Visit a friend or two, have a good chat and share the moments. You can gossip about the people or have nice conversation about the world problems, it is up to you. You can have a neighborhood party too. If you feel like you want to know your neighbors, then throw away a party or invite them for some coffee. That is also an useful action. It is good to know the person beforehand when you need someone to lend a hand. If you want to move a little bit, play some music and dance away as you wish. Make silly moves and mockeries with your friends or by yourself and have fun. You can also take the fun outdoors with your friends. The bad weather can’t stop party animals! Dress up, get prepared to hit the town and call a taxi. The Estonian night life revolves around the bars, pubs and clubs. So, the cold weather is not an obstacle.

Have a short trip.

Yes, we mean it! Don’t be terrified of the bad weather and step outside with appropriate warm clothes. You can go either for a walk in the rain/snow, or visiting a shop or a trip around Tallinn. You may take your camera along in case of snapping some beautiful moments. If you have more than 6 hours to spend, then, we can suggest to visit villages in the vicinity of Tallinn. Maardu Manor in Maardu or Baltic Sea landscape in Paldiski could help you to spend good time. If you’re lucky enough, the weather might get better than Tallinn too!

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