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Posted: 28.03.2017

How to find job in Latvia?

Each of us has been is situation where we had to discuss the job search topic – it is especially topical for students wishing to earn some money to support their stay abroad. A recent interview in Latvia has shown that most people think the work can be found in an average of four months. But can we reduce these results up to a month? We believe it's possible to find a job in Latvia within one month! Lets’ try! Our suggestions:


CV must be really well-considered. If you are a newcomer in Latvia, probably you would look for international companies; otherwise Latvian language would be a must. So prepare your CV in English and make it ready for sending and submission of hard copies. CV form hasn’t been determined – you can find various Word document templates, as well there are loads of samples on the internet.

Employer should assess:

  1. Clear contact info and neat layout. But who doesn’t know that, right?
  2. Education Information – describe it in chronological order, starting from the most recent. If there is something, which you are proud of - for example, a high mark of the diploma work - do not hesitate to write in, it could help!
  3. Well, lets’ leave behind the unnecessary facts. Probably it is not worth to mention school time theater club, which you participated 10 years ago. But if you have volunteered in charity organization or other public organization – perhaps it is worth to mention, as it creates a good impression.
  4. Be careful with your skills and hobbies. Different things are appropriate on different occasions. If you are applying for serious and conservative position, maybe it is not the time to confess that you are a certified aura photographer? And vice versa – if you apply for a work at a car repair garage, it is more than adequate to mention “rally” or “Formula1 fan” to your resume.
  5. Think of a little tick to customize your resume to specific position. Consider what facts could be suitable for the position you are claiming – then top up those facts with more detail.

Application letter

Try to personalize each letter. Employers are very good at distinguishing copy-paste options. Put yourself in your employer's skin. What kind of employee the company is looking for? What kind of skills? Or what personality characteristics? Any special kind of motivation? Company’s profile will help you to find out, as well as the advert text itself.


Do not hesitate and be alert and cheerful. Check the job and career sites every day (preferably in the morning). Post your CV on job search sites. Tell your acquaintances that you are looking for job. Apply for every possible free courses offered by the state and local government. You have to go social so people get to know that a responsible and honest person is looking for a job!

So, some tips to ease your job search in Latvia:

- Knowledge of Latvian or Russian would be an advantage, but good English is also highly appreciated!

- Try to look for international companies. Some of our Riga Student Hotel international guys have managed to find a travel agent job at Dyninno group. If you are fluent in English and customer oriented, try it yourself!

- The most effective job sites in Latvia are as follows: www.cv.lv, www.cvmarket.lv, www.irdarbs.lv, www.workingday.lv, www.e-darbs.lv.

To feel more confident, dress for success!

Good luck!

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