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General questions

How can I rent a 1Home Room?

Choose the room you like the most from our homepage and fill in the information asked on the form. Our Customer service specialist confirms your booking and sends out the Lease Agreement. Once your booking has been confirmed by the customer manager, you receive the first invoice which includes the rent and security deposit.

Can I reserve a room if I am out of the country?

Yes, the reservation can be made in advance.

Do I have to pay a broker's fee?

No brokers fee, just your deposit and first month’s rent

Are utilities included with the rent price?

No, the fixed utilities (water, heating, electricity, wifi, cleaning common areas and administration costs) will be added to the price.

Do I have to move in on the 1st day of the month?

If you move in between 1-15 of the month- you have to pay the whole monthly rent. If your move in date is between 16-30 you only need to pay half of the month.

Does 1Home also provide tenants blankets, pillow and sheets?

Yes, as our aim is to make our tenants life as comfortable and simple as possible- we do provide our customers brand new blankets, sheets and pillows just for the fee of 60 euros. Please inform our Customer Manager about your interest of the products so that we can send you the bill and ask the Property Manager to deliver it to you

Are there any cutleries in the kitchen?

In our kitchen, we have oven, kettle and fridges. Tenant have to provide the cutleries by themselves. You can always ask recommendations from our Customer Service.

Is 1Home affiliated with any University?

No, 1Home is a private company offering quality and affordable housing options for University students.

How much does one room cost?

Room prices depend on size and location of the room. Prices start from 110 Euro/Month/Room.

How does the move-in process look like?

Please inform our Customer Manager 1 to 2 weeks before about your exact move-in time. She will give you the contact of the Property Manager of your city. Our Property Manager is coming to welcome you in the apartment. He/She introduces you everything about the flat and hands over the keys as well. After that you sign the Lease contract with our Property manager. Please note that the move-in times should be between 8AM- 18.00 PM. If possible, please plan your arrival on the weekdays as well.

How does the payment system look like?

Every month you receive the rental invoice on the 1st day of the month. You have 7-days to transfer the payment. The rental price already includes the utilities bill and no additional fees are added. Please note that it is essential to add invoice number to the payment.

Do I have to pay the deposit?

Before moving in, we issue the security deposit fee which is equal to the rental price. In order to receive the deposit money back at the end of your stay, you have to inform our customer service specialist at least 1 month before moving out.

Will I get the deposit back?

At the end of your stay, the property manager needs to make sure the room is tidy and then we can refund you the deposit money. Please send us your IBAN number in order to receive the money to the correct account.

Can I have my friend over for a night?

According to our rules, we do not accept overnight guests. You can have visitors during day-time but not after 11 PM.

What happens if I lose my key?

If you lose your key, you are required to pay the fine of 50 euros. We suggest to have the contacts of your flatmates in order to be able to enter the apartment.

Is smoking allowed in the rooms?

Smoking in the apartment in also not allowed!

Questions about Student Hotel

How do I book a room?

You can either write an email to customer specialist evita@1home.eu and she will book the wanted room for you. Or you can call +371 22324579 and make the booking through phone. Also you can come to our Student Hotel any time and choose from available rooms on place.

Can I take a look to the rooms before I book?

Yes, you can come to our Student Hotel any time, and there is always somebody to show you the rooms. For the best result, call before coming +371 22324579.

What is included in the room price and where can I look for it?

You can find the prices on our homepage: https://1home.eu/student-hotel/ . The price includes everything (water usage, electricity, heating and high-speed internet). As well as room cleaning once a week and bed sheets changing 2 times a month.

Do I need to pay the deposit?

Yes. Every tenant needs to pay the deposit, which is one month rent. The deposit is returned when the tenant moves out, if nothing is damaged in the room.

Can I share the same room with my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Yes, you can.

Do I have my own bathroom and kitchen?

Each room has its’ own bathroom, and the kitchen is shared with other rooms.

What is the minimum lease period?

The minimum lease period is 2 months.

How do I pay after booking the room?

When the booking is made you will receive and invoice to your email, which you can pay through bank transfer.

How do I pay for the room?

Each month you will receive an invoice to your email. You pay for the current month, and the payment deadline is 10th day of each month.

Who do I contact if something is wrong in my room?

You need to inform the administration stuff and they will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Can I have my own fridge in the room?

Yes you can.

Do I get the bed sheets and pillow/blanket when I move in?

Yes, we will provide you with all that.

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