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Anett is your number one friend in 1Home.

She is the one who will always help you out and find the answers for your questions even before you can even think of them! Anett has studied abroad herself so you can be pretty sure she knows exactly how you feel living in a strange land.

Anett’s biggest dream is to travel to all 6 Continents.

Anett Numa

Customer Service Specialist

Evita is the Student Hotel Ninja.

You can always come to her office for a cup of tea and and talk through all the little daily matters. She wants you to feel like home, because that's your new home.

Evita's dream as to eat as much as she wants!

Evita Kulsa

Customer Service Specialist in Riga

Elen spends a lot of time in Facebook and Instagram to make sure you know everything about who we are and what we do. She's the one who becomes friends with universities and student organizations so that together they can rule the Students world!

Elen's dream is to read all the books about creativity and remember them by heart.

Elen Kahro

Marketing Manager

Mario is the Superman in Tallinn!

He will welcome and let you in to your magical new home in Estonia.

He is the sneaky ninja who will make sure that everything in your apartment is working so that you don’t have to worry about it!

Mario’s dream is to own a Ferrari.

Mario Kirsipuu

Property Manager in Tallinn

Andrej is the Superman in Riga!

Andrej will do maximum to bring you feeling that Riga is your home city. There's more than 200 of tenants staying with 1Home in Riga, so don't judge him too hard if he mixes up your names. He promised to install new processor soon in his head.

Andrejs dream is to make a copy of himself, cause two Andrej is always better than one!

Andrejs Stepanovs

Property Manager in Riga

Paulius is the Superman in Vilnius!

Paulius really hopes, that every single tenant, who uses our services and rooms will feel like home. He knows that new country or new city is new but also a hard experience too, so if he can give an advice or some tips, he loves to be feel needful!

Paulius' dream is to have a whole Google in his head.

Paulius Zilvitis

Property Manager in Vilnius

Jonas is the Superman in Kaunas!

He will do everything that your time in Kaunas would be great. He will help you to find some great places in Kaunas everyday and every night also.

Jonas’s dream is to be the pilot of Boeing

Jonas Raila

Property Manager in Kaunas

Victor is the Superman in Warsaw! Victor is always there for our tenants and ready to help them with all the questions. Despite living in Poland, he is actually the only Ukrainian blood in our team. Besides 1Home he loves to take lifestyle & interior photos and can be found skating in the streets of Warsaw.

Victor’s dream is to make cover photos for National Geographic, BMW and Vice magazine.

Victor Tsyhanyk

Property Manager in Warsaw

Kristjan constantly travels the world and looks for poor students, who have trouble finding the accommodation abroad. Kristjan is the one who is responsible for the whole success of the company. Also known for shaking hands with the Estonian President and being in love with basketball.

Kristjan’s dream is to visit all the countries in the world before he gets old.

Kristjan Keres


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About us

Our team is young on full on willpower. We understand more than anyone that when you are a university student, you need to do everything you can to make sure that you are getting the best result out of your education. We also understand that when you are starting a new university course, you want to do everything you can to make sure that you are not only comfortable, but also able to hang out with your friends, relax a little, and do what university students need to do. That is why we focus on creating the perfect environment for college students and young learners.

We will do our best to work with you so you can not only feel at ease, but also giving you the chance to voice your opinion at the same time. After all, we want nothing more than for you to feel comfortable and we are here to support you with whatever you need from us. That’s who we are, it’s what we do and we would love to show you why we are one of the top providers around when it comes to student accommodation. If you want to see how we can help you then all you have to do is get in touch with us today to find out more.