Our team

Victor is the Superman in Warsaw! Victor is always there for our tenants and ready to help them with all the questions. Despite living in Poland, he is actually the only Ukrainian blood in our team. Besides 1Home he loves to take lifestyle & interior photos and can be found skating in the streets of Warsaw.

Victor’s dream is to make cover photos for National Geographic, BMW and Vice magazine.

Victor Tsyhanyk

Marketing manager

Stella is an international mind and free spirit. She has lived half of her life in Australia and she contains a healthy combination of Estonian preciseness and the Ozzy-style ability to enjoy life.

Stella's dream is to make a trip around New Zealand - yes, after all these years in Australia, she hasn't had a chance to visit New Zealand.

Stella Karilaid

Property Manager in Tallinn

Andrej is the Superman in Riga!

Andrej will do maximum to bring you feeling that Riga is your home city. There's more than 200 of tenants staying with 1Home in Riga, so don't judge him too hard if he mixes up your names. He promised to install new processor soon in his head.

Andrejs dream is to make a copy of himself, cause two Andrejs is always better than one!

Andrejs Stepanovs

Property Manager in Riga

Jonas is the Superman in Kaunas!

He will do everything that your time in Kaunas would be great. He will help you to find some great places in Kaunas everyday and every night also.

Jonas’s dream is to be the pilot of Boeing.

Jonas Raila

Property Manager in Kaunas

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    About our team

    Our small team is as international as most of our customers: located in 4 countries and includes 5 nationalities! Most of us has studied and lived abroad which puts us in the position of knowing the various difficulties that come along with it: the stress of finding a place to live, dealing with local landlords who don’t speak English or getting on terms with your flatmates about the cleaning schedule. Not to mention the cultural shock and getting used to your new city! Our goal at 1Home is to make your exchange time as hassle-free and convenient as possible like we would have wanted it for ourselves. Apart from finding a place to live, feel free to contact us with any other questions. We’re happy to help you find your way in your new home.

    About the company

    1Home was born in 2015 out of the desire to offer what was missing in the market – affordable student housing especially designed for international students and interns. After renting out the first rooms in our birthplace and current main office in Tallinn, Estonia, we have been expanding ever since and now have more than 500 student places in offer in 5 biggest cities of our region: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas & Warsaw. If you have any great ideas or comments on our product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and give feedback. We are open for co-operation. Thank you!