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This apartment has undergone a complete renovation making it incredibly comfortable and stylish for any student who wants to live somewhere they can call home. The room can be locked and it comes complete with a cozy mattress, a sturdy desk and a chair. It also comes complete with curtains and a wardrobe for storage. All of the furniture meets the quality living standards and it is a great home for any student who wants to have somewhere affordable without compromising when it comes to comfort. The price you see on the page is all inclusive, which means that it includes your electricity, water, heating and even a weekly cleaning service. You will also find that it includes a high speed WiFi service and administration costs as well. When you do feel like signing the rent agreement, we will ask that you pay a security deposit in order to secure your rent at the price provided, and that you are happy with all of the terms and agreements set in place.

Apartment information

The rooms come complete with your own communal kitchen and it even includes an electronically tested kettle and washing machine, and even an iron and an ironing board. There are private bedrooms which are available for rent and a kitchen, hallway and different shower and toilet rooms at your disposal. There is a free parking area at the front of the building and you have access to the city center with ease and convenience. Tha't's 


We know that you have plenty of time and you want to see the city when you move to other country. This is why our apartment is close to city so that you can easily get to the center by public transport or why not even walk? On the map below you can check how close is your university to this room. Also check which shopping centres and sports facilities are nearby.


If you have any questions about the room or the apartment in general, please don’t hesitate to ASK MORE ABOUT THIS ROOM and we will do everything we can to work with you to give you the result you need.

Apartment details

Property ID: 58887
Price: 200.00 €
Room size: 7 m2
Apartment size: 64 m2
Nr. of rooms: 4
Bathrooms: 1

Nearby universities:

European Humanities University (EHU) - 4.0 km

Vilnius University International Business School (VU IBS) - 4.0 km

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) - 2.9 km

Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LEU) - 3.1 km

Mykolas Romeris University (MRUNI) - 5.5 km

General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania (LKA) - 1.5 km

Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) - 3.0 km

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) - 4.5 km

Vilnius University (VU) - 2.8 km

International School of Law and Business (ISLB) - 5.1 km

Vilnius Business College - 1.4 km

Vilnius College - 2.9 km

Vilnius College of Design (VCD) - 5.1 km

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) - 1.4 km

Room features

Common Area Cleaning






Apartment address

Address: Minties gatve 54
City: Vilnius
Country: Lietuva
200.00 €/month
50 € utilities
Available from: 27.06.2017

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Tallinn University (TU)

Tallinn University of Technology (TTU)


Estonian Business School (EBS)

Estonian Art Academy (EKA)

University of Latvia (LU)

Riga Technical University (RTU)

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI)

Latvia Culture College (LKA)

Riga Stradinš University (RSU)

School of Business and Finance (BA)

Art Academy of Latvia (LMA)

Latvian Academy of Culture (LKA)

Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LSPA)

National Defence Academy of Latvia (NDA)

Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (RPIVA)

Baltic International Academy (BSA)

International Higher School of Practical Psychology (SPPA)

ISMA University

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL)

Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA)

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE)

Vilnius College of Technology and Design (VTDKO)

European Humanities University (EHU)

Vilnius University International Business School (VU IBS)

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA)

Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LEU)

Mykolas Romeris University (MRUNI)

General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania (LKA)

Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA)

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)

Vilnius University (VU)

International School of Law and Business (ISLB)

Vilnius Business College

Vilnius College

Vilnius College of Design (VCD)

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU)

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU)

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU)

Kaunas College

University of Warsaw (UW)

Warsaw University of Technology (WUT)

Kozminski University

Medical University of Warsaw (WUM)

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

The University of Education and Culture

The University of Culture and Economics

MyFitness Viru

MyFitness Solaris

MyFitness Postimaja

MyFitness Kristiine

MyFitness Rocca al Mare

MyFitness Mustamäe

MyFitness Viimsi

MyFitness Pirita

MyFitness Virbi

MyFitness Kärberi

MyFitness Ülemiste

MyFitness Balti Jaam

People Fitness

Arctic Sport

Sparta Sportclub

Reval Sport Club

Arigato Sports Club

Kalev Spa and Sports Center

City Spa Sports Center

MyFitness Berga Bazārs

MyFitness Radisson BLU Daugava

MyFitness Bolero

MyFitness Olimpia

MyFitness Sky&More

MyFitness Domina

Baltic Gym

People Fitness Riga Center

People Fitness Riga Imanta


Lemon Gym SLOKAS

"Elektrum" Olimpic center

Atlētika Fitness Imanta

Atlētika Fitness Zolitūde

Atletika Fitness Center

Atletika Fitness Ofiss

Atletika Fitness Kengarags

Lemon Gym Pilaitė

Lemon Gym SC Europa

Lemon Gym Perkūnkiemis

Lemon Gym Antakalnis

Lemon Gym Banginis

Impuls Kareivių

Impuls Vienuolio

Impuls L. Asanavičiūtės

Impuls Savanorių

Impuls Ozo

Impuls Fabijoniškių

Impuls Trinapolio

Impuls Savanorių

Impuls Karaliaus Mindaugo

Impuls Baltų

Sports and health centre Ąžuolynas


Minties gatve 54
room id:58887

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